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    Good Health is Good Business


Our Focus on Health & Wellness

12 July 2022

There is a saying in organisational behaviour that “Good health is good business”.  In professional business services where we spend most of our conscious life working in the office, having a culture which focuses on the holistic wellness of its employees is vital to long-term sustainability.  It is no secret, therefore, that the United Nations recognised Good Health & Well Being as one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals which were set “to promote prosperity while protecting the planet.”  In the workplace, it is extremely important that there is a healthy connection between work and general well-being; so much so that it must be engrained in the organisation’s culture and embedded in policies which put the health and wellbeing of its employees as a high priority in its strategic objectives.  An individual's wellness, which includes physical activity, a focus on nutrition, mental wellbeing and consistent sleep patterns can make employees feel their best to increase productivity and bring value to the organisation.

Thus, in order to achieve such results, companies invest in the professional well-being of their employees in every possible way, paying special attention to both their physical and mental state.


In this era of 24/7 news outlets, social media overload, constant notifications, and expectations, whether real or inferred, to be ‘always-connected’, employees are developing higher levels of stress, lack of concentration, anxiety and interrupted sleep, and eventually burnout.  Researchers have coined this mental state as ‘fear of missing out’ (FOMO) and its impacts can be felt throughout the workplace.  A conscious effort to provide employees with tools to cope with life’s stresses is therefore vitally important to build a positive talent experience. 

How BDO BVI supports a healthy work environment

It brings attention to the importance of wellness in the workplace, every June, we celebrate Professional Wellness Month.  At BDO in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) several events were held during the month aimed at the 7 dimensions of wellness, such as Purpose, Emotional Well-being, Mental Health, Social Connection, Financial, Career and Physical Well-Being as part of their long-term strategy of adding elements of wellness into each day.

As part of this project, over the previous two weeks, the BDO BVI team took part in the Caribbean Insurers Limited (CIL) 5KM Charity Walk/Run in support of the British Virgin Islands Alzheimer's Association. The company also carried out daily 15-minute online wellness sessions each morning and afternoon as a form of continuous assistance for staff.  These have been extensions of recent professional talks from Dr Sharon Lewis of the Wellness Center Medical Clinic (The Importance of Sleep in Wellness) and Dr June M Samuel MBBS, DM (Psych), a physiatrist and medical specialist and current Chief of Medical Staff at the British Virgin Islands Health Services Authority (BVIHSA) and Medical Director at 5 Doctors Medical & Wellness Center (Tools to Cope with Stress),.

The daily sessions consist of tips, guides, and tasks that are essential to maintaining a holistic approach to wellness.

The main topics were:

  • Mindfulness at Work - brain training to focus better by incorporating mindfulness exercises throughout the day.
  • The 4 pillars of health & Wellness – this explains how people overcomplicate the concept of health. It shows how, through proven diet and lifestyle changes, you can learn to take control of your health and start living your best life.
  • The confidence series - meditations to prepare for life's key moments, for instance starting the day or the next big meeting.

Also, on Saturday, June 18, BDO BVI assembled a team and participated in the annual TSC Corporate Tennis Challenge fundraiser.

As part of its strategic performance objectives to improve the experience of all staff, BDO BVI promotes professional wellness through its employees by hiking, marathons, physical and mental talks, professional development programmes and sports events that consist of brain games and physical challenges.

Consequently, BDO BVI leads by own example, paying close attention to wellness and work-life balance, even during the busiest times. Even though such events are intended to provide a healthy break from the daily office routine for a few moments, they have a direct and positive impact on employee performance.

After all, they increase overall productivity, improve teamwork, and most importantly, promote a healthy lifestyle. If a person is happy in a healthy work environment, it is more likely that there will be a better response to stressful situations that often occur in professional business services.